Some Changes Coming

One of the great things about running a business is the amount of learning and experience you get.  You expect things to sail swiftly all the time.  But then shortcomings might come and everything just seems to go south.  Now, the success of your endeavor depends on your ability to see mishaps coming and being able to come up with a contingency plan to counter it.

In our particular case, we feel like we are spinning on our own axis without even spiraling.  So we feel like we are at that stage where we can see the storm growing in our direction.  Before it looms all around us, we believe some changes should be made.

There is this something that was working in the past but it is not working anymore.  Even though the core principles of business remain the same, there are some adaptations that are an inevitable response to the present status.  Ignoring these changes is a recipe for business doom.

Our Issues

Put in simple words, we are not growing.  We have managed to keep a, I would love to say, solid line of customer loyalty.  But even that does not feel so strong.  It does not feel like we are offering anything that keeps this particular client stuck to us.  The reason for that most probably is because we are not targeting that specific demography.

We have continuously refused to step up on modern technology to promote our products.  Yes, we admit it, competition has overstepped us.  We are only relying on the quality of our products, which is not a bad thing.  The thing is that, even if we wanted to rely on present customers, reviews and them putting us in a good word,  is simply not enough.  We got stuck with the local small circle and overlooked the chance of moving forward.

Our vision probably went sideways, let alone our mission.  At this point, it seems like we just plastered it on the wall in a nice frame.  But we focused on producing and producing and never in improving and innovating.  Probably it sounds like an excuse but the reasons for this are mostly because we need someone from the outside to help us see those solutions that have been otherwise elusive.

Our Solution

This is when we decided to hire Carol Greenaway, a business coach in Vancouver to help us with these issues we were having.  We took the call to make the investment because we had the testimonies of how she had helped many businesses in Vancouver overcome their financial issues.

Having a person from the outside come in and give everything a different perspective is only healthy for our business.  Besides this, one who is an expert and has the experience we desperately need is a huge plus.

Carol is known to be flexible, knows how to adapt to changes, and has a fresh perspective on how to make business effectively.  We are truly excited about what is ahead of us.

What We Expect

We are expecting to go out there with a greater momentum.  Innovation and creativity are what we want.  We are sure that by doing business and meeting the criteria that drive modern business, we will be on the right path to success.

The strategies that we will be putting in place are much needed to be able to tap into a sector that we have not really approached.  Of course, we want to keep our present clients with more innovative ideas.  We want to convince people why we are their best option.

Besides offering quality products, we want people to come and try and give us honest feedback through social media.  Because if there is one thing we already know is that people trust others’ opinion more than what we can say.


How to Get More Customers Using Social Media

Social media has become a pretty powerful tool for marketing.  Some of the main benefits is that social media channels are versatile, easy to use, they connect your brand with real people, and they are free (mostly).  So, if you want to spike up those sales, you need more customers.

Using social media is a big step towards increasing your sales.   Obviously, the first step is to get followers across the platforms.  Good.  But, how do you turn these followers into real customers?  That will depend on how strong your game is.  Just make sure that whatever your social media strategy is, it makes sense for your brand.

Search and be Proactive

So you already have a name and a brand.  One way for you to know that people are recognizing you is if they are tweeting about you, isn´t it?  If your brand is being mentioned, say randomly, by a customer this could be a good sign.

Now, there are at least 340 million tweets sent every day.  Chances are that at least a few are, if not talking about your brand since you are a startup, they are talking about what you promote.  For instance, if you are a retail store, you can perfectly find tweets that talk about the brands you are selling or the service you are providing.

Get into Twitter or another service that offers you search even without a hashtag, like TweetDeck.  Find the tweets that mention those services people need and try to reply those that pose a question or inquiry that you can answer and offer a solution to.

The strategy here is then to not only search for your brand but also for those words that entail the services you provide and the problems you can solve.

Make Competitions

One way to keep your audience stimulated and to attract new followers is through contests.  Having followers engage in competitions is a great way to engage them and also to bring in new ones.  Just be very strategic on what you offer and what are the conditions, otherwise, you might get the wrong followers.

Use Images

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Make those words really stand out by placing stunning pictures that are able to catch the eye.  It has been proven that an image has twice the engagement as written sentences.  Take advantage of Instagram to post images that are able to accomplish more than one purpose at a time.

Place pictures that are capable of promoting your product and engaging conversations among followers.

Invest time in Spicing Up the Platforms

You will need to invest time in spicing up your accounts.  Be diverse and use them according to each uniqueness.  If you post the exact same thing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, people only need to follow you in one.  Diversity is the key.

Another important key is to not be too promotional.  Don´t sound spammy to your followers or cram them with promotions or you will see how easily they unfollow you.

Make it About the People

Be a person and address real people.  Customers like to be treated as the individuals they are.  Make them feel like they are taking to a bot and they will frown upon you.  Whenever a client has a question about anything through the comments, try to answer as fast as you can.  Be personal and address the issues personally.

If you need help with this part and the rest of your marketing strategy, Curve Vancouver can help you out and offer the best solutions for you.  Good luck with getting more sales and clients.…

The Top 5 Baby Shower Cakes

The next big thing after knowing that you’re pregnant is to throw a memorable baby shower. It is often organized by the closest friends and families of the expectant couple. In the past, there were too many rules and etiquette that should be followed for baby showers. But these days, many things have changed. As long you are able to organize the most memorable and fun baby shower, everything should be perfectly great.

A particular baby shower may not be complete without having the best cake on the table. Whether you decide to do it your own or you buy it, it is important that you know the most suitable cake to have. Here are the top 5 baby shower cakes that you can consider. We based it on reviews and what most people would go for.

Baby Bib Cake

The baby bib cake is such a cute cake to represent how you are all excited to see the baby. It just need you to show your creative side. You will be using nonpareils and yellow fruit chews for the duckling design. You can use chocolate and vanilla frosting and with several coloring.

Baby Booties Cake

It is one adorable cake. It’s quite simple. But you need to do best piping on the frosting in squiggles to follow what a knitted booty looks like. You can some cute colorful marshmallows and edible ribbon to finish the booty design.

Pregnant Lady with a Twist Cake

In order to give praise to the pregnant mama, this is a great cake to put on the table. It can be a two-layered or a three-layered cake, topped with a cute pregnant woman figure. You can show your artistic talent by adding some designs and frosting.

Baby Blanket Cake

This is probably one of the easiest DIY baby shower cakes. It is considered as a sure classic baby shower present. You can use colorful decorating sugars. Draw lines and putting flowers inside each small square you created after piping lines across.

Onesie baby shower cake

This isn’t as hard to do. Some frosting and sugar shaping is required. You can make your own version depending on whether the couple is expecting a boy or a girl. It will probably vary on the color combination that you need to use.

Buying Cake Ideas

Obviously, not everyone has the skills, the time and the energy to design their own cake at home. That’s why all these pastry houses are there to help you. However, since there’s just too much in the market, you might as well don’t know where and how to get started.

First of all, make sure you already have the idea about what you want. In some cases, you’ll have the option to choose from their range of designs. You just have to pick your choice. However, you still have to choose the most reliable cake shop to make sure that they can do the design that you really want. Or it would end you up unsatisfied. Just like buying the best car seats for babies, having the best baby shower cake is important too.




Few Reasons Why You Should Order Amazing Cakes

Cakes are the center of attraction in any party. We all love cakes. Everyone especially children are most excited about cakes in the party. Everyone has eyes on the delicious fluffy cake. Cake are irresistible. No matter how much health conscious a person is, when it comes to cake it is hard to resist. Cake are the most loved party snack all over the world. Cake tempt everyone. There is no single person on this planet who would not love cakes. Cake charge people and bring them into party mood. When luscious creamy cakes are around the whole atmosphere gets filled up with bubbling energy and enthusiasm. Amazing cakes make everyone go crazy. Irrespective of their flavor cakes have been the most favourite and the best desserts. Cake bring the fulfillment and enjoyment to the occasion. Cake play a very significant role in every occasion and it can’t be replaced by any other dish. Cake are close to everyone’s heart.


People who used to refrain from cake due to presence of eggs in them can now enjoy hundreds of varieties of eggless cakes. You can find sizzling cakes in countless eye catching designs, vibrant colors and shapes. For every occasion you would get a perfect cake at cake stores. Whether it is a birthday party or a ring ceremony, cake stores brings you premium assortment of delectable cakes to complement every occasion. The colours, designs and flavor in these special cakes are used in accordance to the occasion. Special occasions do not come every single day, so it demands a lavish celebration. Make your celebrations grand by presenting these wonderfully decorated scrumptious cake.


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People get bored with the same old traditional flavours and designs of cake. To give their customers an enriching and fulfilling experience they carry out extensive research to study the choices and preferences of people. So these fantastic sweet creations are the outcome of their thoughtful and dedicated analysis. Their novelty and distinctive cake is what makes them the most desirable cake store.For those who love to make their party interesting, thrilling and unique, these dashing cakes are made for them. These special cakes are worth spending your money. So if you are planning to make your occasion special than never before, order your dream cake now!!…