10 Awesome DIY Cakes for your Baby’s First Birthday

By the thought that it’s your baby’s first birthday, there are definitely a lot of things that’s going on inside your head.  So many things that you wanted to prepare and you wanted to do, so overwhelming. You know that it’s a big milestone for your baby and you wanted to make it as memorable are possible.

Your baby’s first birthday would also mean having the first cake bite for your baby. That’s the main reason why, having the best first birthday cake is important more than anything else. However, let’s face it, buying the best birthday cake these days will hurt your wallet. Most birthday cakes being sold in the market are far too expensive.

The good news is that, you can always make your own baby’s first birthday cake. It would even mean a lot and will be more memorable that buying one outside. Imagine having the touch of love in making your own cake at home. If you don’t have the skills yet, you can find so many DIY cake ideas everywhere. You can use the internet to watch some tutorial videos to help you even more.

Parents all over the world share their own dose of parenting guide, giving the best help for first time mothers, first time to throw the best ever first birthday party. To help you, here are the top ten DIY awesome cakes that you can do:

First Birthday Smash Cake

cakeThis is a healthy first birthday cake that you can do for your kid. It is made of smashed ripe banana that would be best for your baby. You can top with some Cheerios cereals to finish up. You can get the complete recipe from Betty Crocker.

No 1 Cutout Cake

This is another great option for a first birthday cake. It’s a mixture of cake mix, eggs and vegetable oil. You can use a no 1 cutout as a guide for the frosting. You can also sprinkle some cereals, crushed fruit, etc. This is another great cake recipe from Betty Crocker.

Character Cakes

Babies definitely love cartoon characters. You can try making simple one layered cake, put some great frosting and choose your kid’s favorite cartoon character to incorporate. It would definitely create an enchanting memory for your baby.

Marshmallow flower birthday cake

cake2It is such a beautiful first birthday cake for your baby girl. You can use marshmallows to make petals for the flower decoration.

Rubber Ducky Cake

This would probably require your artistic touch. You need to use some candies, orange wedges candies, chocolate chips and some cool yellow frosting. This would definitely be something that your baby would love, eating a rubber ducky.

Alphabet blocks birthday cake

cake 2It is a simple yet an adorable cake to make. You can create alphabet blocks, put on top of each other. You can make your own style and be artistic as possible.

Crawling Toward your First Cake!

Baby will be fascinated with this crawling caterpillar First Birthday cake. You can also spell the name and baby’s age on it. Check with Wilton for more ideas.

Melted Ice Cream Cake

Babies love ice cream and cake. This cake is literally an ice cream cake. It’s pretty pink cake topped with chocolate ganache.

Rainbow Lollipop Layer Cake

lollipopIt’s a perfect cake for first birthday parties. It’s full of colors on its rainbow layers and some lollipops on top.

Football Cake

You love football? Your baby will definitely love this football inspired cake. With its fun design, it’s going to make party rolling.



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