The Best Cakes for a Baby Shower

If you come to think of it, it seems like having the best cakes to serve is much more important more than anything else in a baby shower. Guests are often expecting it to be unique and one of a kind. For that reason, many of us are considering it a challenge, preparing the best cake for a baby shower.


It wouldn’t be a problem at all if you have the good hands for baking. However, if you don’t have much skill to show, you might end up exhausted just trying to think what to prepare. Or probably, you can make your life easier, check out the local cake store and buy one.

The truth is, preparing a cake for a baby shower is not that hard as you think it is. You can even find a lot of DIY baby shower cake instructions that you can find everywhere.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Even before your due date, this is one big thing to think about.  When you are looking for the best cake ideas for your next baby shower, don’t be too hard on yourself. Making your own delicious and eye-catcher baby shower cakes are not that complicated so to speak. It only requires you to know how to follow instructions and use some of your artistic cells.

Before you get started, you just need to have a good idea and concept in mind. What do you want for the party? Preparing it for a baby boy or girl? Your choices vary depending on what you really need or what you really want, and most of all, your own capacity. Keep in mind that nothing beats the feeling of being able to make your own baby shower cake. It is something that you can be proud of and will make your cake even more special.

Your Cake Ideas

In order to help you further, here are some of the most popular, simple yet considered as some of the best options that you can have for a baby shower cake.

bibThe Baby Bib Cake. This is probably one of the simplest baby cake showers that you might want to start with. When you add some chewy duckling design on it, it will definitely be an eye catcher. It would only involve some simple baking, cutting and designing task. You can check out its complete recipe or make your version of it.

The Cake Pops. No more designing this time. But it’s guarantee that it can be the best-selling one. You can make color variations if you want to. Sprinkle some chocolate chips or candy bits to make it even more enticing for visitors.

The Velvet Swiss Roll. You might want to try something very simple but will impress your visitors. You can either make a pink or a blue Swiss roll. Well, it’s probably two of the basic baby colors. It’s creamy filled roll with some sprinkles on top.

There are still too many baby shower cakes that you can try on. You might want to practice a few weeks before the party, just to improve your work a little bit when the party comes!


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